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Armani Clothing

Giorgio Armani, the famous personality in the fashion industry, was born in the year 1934 in Piacenza, a small countryside in Milan. He studied in a public school where he got fascinated towards cinema and photography. After serving in Italian army for three years he finally began his profession in the fashion industry. Initially he joined the Nino Cerrati , a popular fashion house in Italy. After learning the concepts of designing for nine years with Nino, he stepped in to the fashion world as a designer in 1970 and soon in 1974 he started with the Armani Brand clothing and now there are variety of products offered under Armani brand. Armani Exchange, the brand that gave a variety of clothing for affordable prices soon became popular amongst people due to its low-priced products. It was created in 1991 and amazingly now there are around 63 well-known boutiques in USA and more than 47 are there in the international market. Over the period of time the prices for Armani Exchange gradually grew and hence lost the popularity amongst the masses. Armani Casa, that offers a wide range in furniture and home decoration furnishings proved itself to success. Its products are often sold at higher prices because it offers quality products and also it shares a good brand name in the market. Armani Jeans, another fashionable range of clothing that has done quite well in the UK market and has shown exceptional performance in London, Manchester and Liverpool as compared to other cities. People go crazy for the trendiest styles like J16 and J31, which costs around120 pounds in UK and are available in quite well known stores. Armani Junior caters to the need of juniors and are available in kid’s male and female range. Emporio Armani, the fashion clothing that attract the young generation has achieved enormous success and fame in the USA and still proves to be the best in the present scenario. It is presently the lowest priced product as compared to other brands in the Armani range. Armani Collezioni fulfils the need of the young professionals and the challengers of the new society. In London this product range has done a tremendous business as the Armani Collezioni includes tailor-made suits which are workwear collection and being the costliest brand targets the high class society. This is not the end, Armani has further added a premium collection of cosmetics along with designer Fashion clothing which contributes to very good revenues for Armani. The cosmetic collection includes a variety of skin care products and perfume assortment for both men and women. Presently the Giorgio Armani summer collection has created waves in the market by presenting beautiful clothes in order to meet the demands of your daily life. The fabric used is of high quality and being lightweight it seems to flow on the body. The color combinations are such that it has a lasting impact on the spectator. The overall impression is very effective and mind blowing thus giving you a distinctive appearance. Just recently Armani has come out with a beautiful collection of undergarments as Emporio Armani Women’s Underwear, and if Victoria Beckham is promoting the brand, the product has to hit the market and contribute to huge profits for Armani!!

Looking for the most fashionable clothes that are well-known in the international market log in at MISHOKO.com experience the world of fashion and know the famous fashion designers of the fashion world at www.mishoko.com, to explore the world of glamorous fashion designers at mordernights.com.

Методи на плащане

Mishoko.com за Ваше улеснение и удобство предлага като начин на плащане единствено наложен платеж. Това означава, че заплащате стоката директно на куриера в момента на получаването и. Точната сума, която дължите сте получили в имейла за потвърждение на поръчката и не дължите нито лев повече.

След като направите поръчка през сайта ни, очаквайте в рамките на 1 до 3 работни дни куриер да позвъни на вратата Ви с пакет от любимия Ви бутик за дизайнерски бебешки дрехи – Mishoko.com. Удоволствието е гарантирано!

France’s Baby dior is perhaps the best known line of designer luxury wear for kids created from Christian Dior. Dubbed Baby Dior, this luxury designer baby and children’s line includes items like the sweet 100% cotton Dior baby body suit with pink or blue snaps, the Dior teddy bear logo on the chest and the Dior baby bottle in blue or pink. If you are looking for a perfect luxury baby gift fit for a little prince or princess France’s Baby Dior is the perfect choice!

Founded in England in 1856, Burberry is a luxury brand with a distinctive British sensibility, strong international recognition and differentiating brand values that resonate across a multi-generational and dual-gender audience.

Armani Jr. presents a contemporary look that combines elegance and comfort and follows the latest trends in a tasteful and refined manner. Giorgio Armani has created an award winning designer collection for children from Italy. The Armani Junior Collection, created by one of the world’s leading designer houses, are created with outstanding and fresh elegance. Armani Junior is designed with ultra-luxurious fabrics making it a top selling children’s clothing brand worldwide.

D&G Junior follows the ethos of D&G and embodies youth and fun with the styles of its clothes. Each season follows a set-named trend and is named separately for boys and girls.


Онлайн Бутик за дизайнерски бебешки дрехи :

Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Baby Dior, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Kenzo, Replay & Sons, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Baby Gap, Tartine & Chocolat, Lacoste, Nike, Puma, Adidas…

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30 март 2010, вторник

Dedicated to fashionistas who search for a total look to dress a girl for summer festivities: here is a proposition picked up at Little Fashion Gallery around Chloé which seems very seductive and which don’t misses humour!

30 март 2010, вторник

I’m not fan of the baby grow with the Paul Smith print on baby belly, but there are some t-shirts, as these multi coloured lolly pops full of greediness, which make interesting the Kids section of his webshop.
The risk is of course to browse his Women section … ;-)

30 март 2010, вторник

As a spring sunshine, the MISHOKO clothes catch the eyes and just after see the smiles light up.
The collection don’t forgets it fashion details but wants first to be light and playful, exuberant and ravishing!
Clothes and accessories are available directly at www.mishoko.com

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